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Photography 101



Making it Easy!

This is a one-on-one photography class that is specifically geared towards individuals wanting to learn the basics of MANUAL photography. This is a one day 3-4-hour class. | 3 hours in the classroom | 1 hours on the field.

If you are shooting in jpeg or auto settings this class is for you! I will walk you through the essentials of your cameras manual settings and photography basics. I will teach you how to shoot manually digital or film, the basic rules of composition, lighting, and the concepts behind ISO, Aperture, Film Speed, Light Balance, Etc. 

Forget Auto

control your camera & 

Desert Botanical Garden

Group Courses

We offer group courses of 10-12 students in the Adult Learn Program at the Desert Botanical Garden. (CURRENTLY CLOSED DUE TO COVID)


Desert Botanical Gardens


Super easy to understand. It's like a whole college degree in one day. 

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