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Behind theBusiness


A mix of creative & business!
I'm organized, strategic and planned... but also wildly creative and fun!

I am a mother, wife, female founder of 3 businesses and entrepreneur. That's a lot of roles but I LOVE them all!

Hello! I’m Tracy Ann and I empower people by cutting out the confusion and giving clarity to anyone wanting to start, grow or understand their small business.

I have been encouraging others to be confident, joyful, beautiful, and alive through my photography services for over a decade and now that dream is growing bigger!
I launched my first business “Fully Alive Photography” in 2006 after graduating with a degree in painting and film. My heart has always been to call out beauty and authentic self-love while encouraging others to live fully alive and find joy in all they do. 

I officially launched my second business "Finding Joy Consulting” in 2020 out of my heart to empower others to start, understand and grow their small businesses. in 2023 we rebranding under "The Fully Alive Agency" as "Fully Alive Creative" just to keep all the Fully Alive consistency to all our brands!

My main course LAUNCH is a hands on everything-you- need workshop designed to cut out the confusion and give clarity to anyone wanting to start or understand their small business. This course covers all my key strategies and business techniques as well as time management, healthy work boundaries, legal basics, branding, social media, taxes and more in every day simple language. It’s also loaded with local companies that can help you!

It's Me, Hi

about The Founder

I have a wonderful team of humans supporting me behind the scenes!

MATEO: Junior Assistant
My 10 year old son is an employee for the "family" business! He can be found on family photoshoots creating reels content and helping kids smile! He can also be founding sorting paperwork, bouncing creative ideas off me and other little but needed tasks around the office. 

IZZY: Assistant
Izzy is an ASU student and joined the Fully Alive Finding Joy team in Jan 2021. She can be found on most shoots creating reels content & carrying around my gear! She can also be found in the office culling photos and other office work. She also often volunteers as a fill in model whenever needed! 

TRIANNA: Assistant
Trianna is our newest team member- she joined us in 2023! Trianna is an experienced model and she can often be found on set helping with posing! She also does plenty of culling! (meaning she and Izzy see your images before I do if you book a photography package!)


Meet The

I have been married for 16 years! Nate is a LOT of fun to be around, full of personality, imagination, wisdom and just the right amount of humor. 

We have a little one around the house. Mateo is my miracle baby that is now a little boy. What joy and challenges he brings to my life. Parenting is a WHOLE thing.  He is strong-willed and challenges me.This has built my patience and tolerance for insanity.He is a bundle of energy, which keeps me on my toes, he is kind and creative.The best combo of perfectly wild and cuddly. I’m more than excited to be here helping to shape the kind of man he will become.

We also have Japanese "daughters"! We are a host family for a homestay program. We host our daughters anywhere between 3 months to 1 year while they study at ASU. 

And also to note my Mom is my BEST friend in the WHOLE world. Which is funny because as a teen/young adult we have a bad if any relationship. Man what a beautiful story! 


I guess I don't consider myself a faith driven person anymore because it's not something I talk about but if you look at my core values and how I live my life they would 100% align with my belief system.

I was raised  "Christian" and I still at the core identify as such- but I suppose most Christians would disagree. lol. I've read the Bible and found Jesus/God/Creator from a different perspective since I read the book " Reading The Bible From The Margins". It's an amazing read that was the start of me challenging my belief system. My beliefs are now considered very liberal for the westernized christian system but I believe they are actually truth. When I think about the Bible and Jesus I think "what a beautiful story of unfathomable love & humility. The Creator of the universe became a poor, outcast human JUST to spread love and break the distance between us and him. To break religious lies and broken systems- simply to connect with us and give us LIFE and life to the full (hense "Fully Alive")"

So my faith and life is truly is guided by the radical example of the life of Jesus. -Flipping tables against injustice, creating love where there was none, giving a voice to the oppressed -women, children, homeless, and all races & tribes. He fought against sexism, ageism, classism and beyond. In my opinion-He wasn't the person many modern churches claim him to be, in order to support control and patriarchal systems.. 

This is a message of freedom and equality and love- and it was RADICAL for the time.

I would be a fool to say I am not WHO I am because of God. My faith is the reason for my moral compass and every decision I make in my life. 

I don't talk about this much on my site, because I know the "Christian" faith has gotten a lot of things wrong over the years, and never want anyone to get the impression that I am in any way judgmental, nor do I believe many of the teachings of the modern church. -I honestly don't believe that other faiths and spiritual practices are wrong- in fact I support other faith systems AND people who don't have faith at all. I would consider myself a Christian Universalist, or possibly an open and affirming methodist. At this time we do not regularly attend church but my beliefs are the entire reason I am the person I am, why I make my life choices, and they are also constantly updating and open.

my Beliefs 


I have a lightening bolt tattoo. My cats are named Luna and Ollivander... I am a Slytherin.. no shame- I am ambitious and resourceful! But I also rank high with Ravenclaw! I value wisdom and personal development. I am a lover of administration and strategy -I’ll task the hell out of you if you come near me. (My husband has learned to stay away when I’m in work mode)

Mostly I just love good stories! I read every day! Mostly young adult post-apocalyptic fiction stories - but also my fair share of personal development books - but those are usually podcast or audio books- cause I have ADHD so you can find me reading something, listening to something and watching something at the same time....

Harry Potter & Other great Stories


It's a possible obsession...  it's called the "Tracy Loves Taylor" playlist for a reason. It's all I listen to. Can't sleep at night sometimes because her lyrics are on repeat... Also I named my dog "Lavender Haze"

I've been a fan since her country album Debut (I was still in my country era and I bought that cute little floral dress she wore... I still have it.)  She actually released that album the SAME month I launched my first company "Fully Alive Photography." As such I've grown not only as a person but my business grew alongside Taylor.

Even when I got made fun of for loving a girl who was "flighty and shallow" I knew she as awesome and never doubted her. I've always loved her and been proud of who she was as a storyteller, songwriter, and a young woman just trying to survive.  I'm a proud Swifty still and I'm thrilled she's proved everyone wrong with her badassery. 

Taylor Swift



I love too many things and I ran out of room. But if you REALLY want to know me... I'm obsessed with the below in no particular order...

  1. Taylor Swift - wait I mentioned that. But just in case you missed it...
  2. Birthdays (I believe in celebrating Birthday month, Birthday week, Half Birthdays... all birthdays)
  3. Green Tea & Black Espresso (but only decaf after my first cup)
  4. All Things Pink & Sparkly... this includes unicorns
  5. Singing (most Taylor Swift, musicals or Disney...)
  6. Playing my ukulele until my fingers hurt and then I give up for months
  7. Sunshine & Mornings (the Sky's awake, I'm awake!)
  8. Going to bed early (like you can't find my after 9)
  9. Dirt (aka gardening and yard work) yeah I LOVE it
  10. Style- I love fashion, clothing, and hair bows! Any reason to dress up works... even just life. I show up for life daily. lol.
  11. Routine, To Do Lists, & Systems (love them)
  12. Supporting Local
  13. Women Owned Businesses
  14. Working- I FREAKING love my jobs
  15. Nintendo (Legends Of Zelda, Stardew Valley,  & other small indi open adventure games)
  16. Chocolate GF Cake, Street Tacos, Thai Food, Indian Food, Wait... I just like food...

All the other things.- like glitter


but wait... there are more things I love

So that's Me!

What About Our Clients? Who Are they?

Does this sound like you? Inquire with us.

Our clients are seekers of life giving freedom. They want to build their life to align with their dreams 

The best client for us is the client that dreams of being an entrepreneur but feels incredibly lost in the daily in and out of how to make that life a reality. Or maybe they are living the dream but lost in the details, scattered, and unable to find joy in the daily flow of entrepreneurship.


I share love and joy while supporting small businesses and tip and tricks and encouragement weekly. 


Like to be inspired?